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Hagen Cargo Bikes

For the ultimate purist, the Hagen cargo bike is as raw as they come. Aerospace-grade chromoly frame gives it a nice steel bike riding experience while keeping it light. Starting from 23,8 kg, this bike rides like wind sweeping through the streets of the city you love. Choose your perfect size and color. Make it what you want it to be.

Designed to carry sh.. stuff

The Brose super quiet, top of the line motor gives you so much torque that carrying even the heaviest cargo becomes easy. The cargo bed is large enough to fit everything on your bike, and then some.

Simple, safe and low maintenance

The Enviolo automatic gear shifting keeps your attention where it needs to be – on the road. The Gates carbon belt drive lets you say good bye to oily by keeping your jeans clean and your drivetrain long-lasting.

Long range for long rides

The batteries provide an electric range of 70 km, making the bike suitable for long cargo deliveries. Charging our battery takes 4.5 hours if completely flat and 2.5 hours for 80% charge.

Built-in GPS theft detection

The GPS tracking gives you peace of mind when you leave your bike locked outside. If someone moves your bike while its locked, an alarm goes off and you receive a notification on your phone.

Hagen ELECTRIC Cargo Bikes

Flagship e-Cargo


The only bike you will ever need. Top-of-the-range handling and powerful, yet silent, Brose S mag motor makes up for the ultimate commuting experience. With a 70 km battery range, we guarantee a joyful carefree ride. Go anywhere, anytime and in any weather without breaking a sweat.

Mini e-Cargo


Wake up every morning knowing that you will ride this baby to your destination. Hagen’s Mini Cargo bike provides outstanding manoeuvrability for out-of-this-world riding experience.  Swift turns, responsive handling even with heavy loads is why this pedalec bike is for you. 

Flagship Step-through e-Cargo

I wish I had a powerful e-bike that I can jump on and off without doing the big stretch! Say no more, this bike is just for you. We are riders and we know what you want. So we have designed a special bike to solve this need.