Tuning of E-bikes with a Bosch drive

With SpeedBox you wont be limited to the speed of 25 km/h anymore. You can freely enjoy the maximum power of your electric bike, limited only by your pedaling frequency.

SpeedBox 3.0 for Bosch and SpeedBox 2.0 for Bosch are reliable tuning chips, which completely eliminate the speed limit of 25 km/h with real values shown on the bike’s display. On top of that, SpeedBox 3.0 for Bosch enables setting the speed limit of our own choice.

Do you want something even cooler? Check out our SpeedBox 3.0 B.Tuning for Bosch and SpeedBox 2.0 B.Tuning for Bosch models – they not only remove the speed limit but they can also pair your e-bike with your smartphone.

If youre not certain about which one to choose, you can use our simple Buyers Guide.

SpeedBox products are thoroughly tested and we stand behind their quality. We provide lifelong warranty to all our products.