Hagen Flagship Step-through e-Cargo Bike

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Artikelnummer: 003HBSTF1023PBE10

I wish I had a powerful e-bike that I can jump on and off without doing the big stretch! Say no more, this bike is just for you. We are riders and we know what you want. So we have designed a special bike to solve this need. It’s equipped with all the Hagen Flagship E-cargo bike features with one simple yet huge difference for added comfort, a drop-down frame.

Key Features

  • Battery power
  • Optimal size, fits everything needed
  • Most common choice
  • Widest range of accessories
  • For added comfort of not having to lift the leg high over the frame.


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Technical Specifications

Brakes Shimano MT-200 with 180mm rotors
Brand Hagen Bikes
Gears Shimano Deore 10 speed or Enviolo Heavy Duty internal Automatiq gears- Internal Enviolo / Internal Belt Enviolo
Dropouts Horizontal with disc mount and derailleur hanger. Compatible with internal and external gears.
Frame color Custom, Yellow
Frame size One size fits all – 53cm, others on ask.
Front wheel size 20"
Material Aerospace grade 4130 Chromoly (Round tubing), Steel (Box sections)
Max Load 180 kg (100kg cargo, 80kg rider)
Rear wheel size 28", 700c
Seatpost diameter 27,2 mm
Tire Color Black
Tires 55-622, 55-406
Motor Brose S Mag 90 Nm, 250W
Battery 17,5 Ah
Cargo Bed 68 x 44,5 cm


Child Seat


Simply a good child seat. It has a comfortable padded bottom part with a water resistant canvas cover that can be folded upwards. It can also be used to make room for goods. The belts sport a 5 point buckle where shoulder straps can be removed if you wish to do so. Shoulder straps also have 2 mounting positions. A lower one for children up to 3 years and a higher mounting point for older children.

  • Lightweight
  • Simple design
  • Can be folded up
  • 3-point or 5-point belt

Technical Specifications:

Weight: 1.8 kg


Wide Box


With our widebox you can fit one or two seats. Fit it as you wish - one seat for your little one and another for groceries or 2 kid seats side-by-side taking  or even one small adult and one small child at the same time.

  • Fits 2 children or a petite adult and a small child
  • 2 seats can be mounted side-by-side or 1 seat in the middle of the box
  • Lightweight

Technical Specifications:

Weight: 4,33 kg


Side Panels


Want to confine the cargo area a little to stack more stuff or fit a child seat? Go for it. These side panels provide extra safety and comfort when mounting one child seat or gives you the option of throwing all sorts of things in the bike without securing them with straps etc. And it all still looks sporty and tight!

  • Lightweight
  • Added practicality and frame stiffness


Technical Specifications:

Weight:  2,07 kg


Ergotec 3 Adapter Up & Down


We all know a bike looks the best with handlebars as low as possible. Yet some days it just feels nice to have them a bit higher, go slower and take in the surroundings. That’s what this quick release height adjuster is about. Whether it’s for switching the bike between different height riders or for simply giving you more riding choices - this thing has you covered.

  • Quick release for handlebar height
  • Adjust the handlebars for different riders fast
  • Max adapter height 100 mm


Technical Specifications: 

Weight: 0,34 kg




If you want to keep your most precious cargo dry during the wet season, then this is for you. Meant for small kids, this cover keeps the inside of the wide box completely dry. Not only is the cargobed dry, but it also means that you can leave some of your belongings inside the bike like a blanket to warm your kids during the rides.

  • Easy to mount and unmount
  • Good visibility with clear windscreen


Technical Specifications:

Weight: 1.1 Kg




Perfect for protecting your most valuable possession – your kids. Protects against incoming wind, rain and snow. During the  summer it keeps the bugs away,  flying pebbles or anything alike. Shatterproof polycarbonate material keeps everything and everyone safe, in all conditions.

  • Clear vision
  • Shatterproof


Technical Specifications 

Weight: 2,07 kg


  • Sidepanels
  • Wide box


Delivery Box


This delivery box has everything you need to operate your business.
Light weight, easy to handle and practical it’s the perfect added feature that will allow you to enjoy every ride.
The sliding lid keeps the weather away from the cargo and doubles as a work surface when needed. The lid has a soft close function and just enough resistance against opening so that your riders can cycle around without locking the box with a key if needed.
Abloy locks can have a master key so all the bikes in a large fleet can be opened with one key.

  • Weatherproof
  • Lightweight at 11 kg
  • 230l cargo volume
  • Lockable – master key function available for a large fleet
  • Sliding lid doubles as a work surface
  • Soft-close function
  • 3 keys included


Storage Box


It is nice to be able to leave some stuff on the bike. Having a spare tube, multitool and a small pump in the storage box can prove a lifesaver and keep you from being stranded on your way to work or kindergarten. Yet keeping them unlocked means someone might just have nicked them - not any more. This storage box keeps the small stuff safe from unwanted visitors.

  • Secures your valuables
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 2 keys included


Technical Specifications:

Weight: 1,93 kg