Achterdrager 26/28" Tubus Logo Evo Zwart

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€ 129,90
Artikelnummer: 4036823801001

Frequent travelers must keep up with the times: Like all Evo variants, LOGO Evo ­features 3D feet and variable mounting positions for the flexible mounting of the stays. A spring clamp can be easily clicked on, and special eyelets allow safe fixing of a 3 part fixture strap. The lower rail for mounting panniers features hook stoppers preventing even large panniers from moving; also it lowers the center of gravity thus improving the riding stability of your bike. Bon voyage!


  • Max. Draagvermogen: 40kg
  • Materiaal: 25CrMo4
  • Geschikt voor: 26'' | 28''
  • Gewicht: 760 g | 26.8 oz (28'')
  • Diameter: 10 mm | 0.4 in