FARR Arm Rest Kit Top Mount 31.8 Clamps

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€ 129,00
Artikelnummer: HB924

Our Arm Rest Kit V2 has been hugely popular and for good reason. It is a universal and lightweight solution for riders wanting to rest their forearms

whilst in the aero or rested position over the front.

Originally designed as a direct-mount option for our Aero Bolt-Ons, it evolved into a standalone Universal Fit option for any 31.8mm handlebar.

Following requests for a longer version of the Aero Bolt-On, we realised that we could also now bring the arm rest cups closer to the handlebar.

This request was coming from riders that use the Aero Bolt-On as well as those that are running other setups.

So here we have the new Top Mount version. It positions the cups over the top of the handlebar and still offers 2 rows of positioning as well as

inward/outward settings. We have also added 5mm spacers that allow height adjustment. Think of it as a more compact version of the Arm Rest Kit.

Key Features

• Lightweight, Modular Design

• Fore and Aft Adjustment

• Angle Adjustment

• 2 x 5mm Spacers for Height Adjustment

• Forged and CNC Machined Alloy Construction

• Designed for 31.8mm Diameter Handlebars

• Custom Alloy Armrest Cups

• 7mm Custom EVA Foam Pads

• Kit Includes : 2 x Alloy Cups, 2 x EVA Pads, 2 x Lower Clamps, 2 x Upper Mounts, 4 x 5mm Alloy Spacers, 4 x Cup Bolts, 4 x Clamp Bolts

Weight : 186g ( 2 x Alloy Cups, 2 x EVA Pads, 2 x Lower Clamps, 2 x Upper Mounts, 4 x Cup Bolts, 4 x Clamp Bolts ) – add 49g for the 4 x 5mm Alloy Spacers ( if used for setup )

Intended Use: Gravel / Bikepacking / Touring